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Arc Flash Course

Electricity poses two major hazards to people who work with it: arc flash and shock. This arc flash course helps employees understand different hazards and how they can be avoided. The most intense is arc flash, a violent release of electrical energy that causes severe injuries and fatalities. The second is shock, which can cause burns, internal injuries, cardiac arrest, and it can even be fatal. Stop the bland, boring training videos by introducing these microlearning training videos that cover shock and how to avoid it, what arc flash is, personal protective equipment, creating electrically safe conditions, avoiding arc flash situations, and more.

Course Segments:

  • “Shock”… and How to Avoid It 2:23
  • What is “Arc Flash”? 2:41
  • Personal Protective Equipment 2:28
  • Creating an “Electrically Safe Condition” 2:52
  • Avoiding Arc Flash Situations 1:17

Available in English and Spanish

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