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Asbestos Awareness the OSHA Way

There are 2,000 asbestos-related lung cancer deaths each year. Help employees comply with the required training requirements of the OSHA Asbestos Standard. Employees, such as custodial, engineering and maintenance staff, need you to help them understand the health risks associated with asbestos, be able to recognize asbestos hazards in their workplace, and know what to do to protect themselves and others from exposure to asbestos. This microlearning series discusses information on asbestos, the health effects of asbestos, thermal system insulation, surfacing materials, floor and ceiling tiles, protective equipment and safe work practices, decontamination and medical surveillance, and more.

Course Segments:

  • Asbestos: Miracle and Menace 1:53
  • The Health Effects of Asbestos 2:18
  • Types of Asbestos Hazards 2:24
  • Thermal System Insulation 1:53
  • Surfacing Materials, Flooring and Ceiling Tiles 2:44
  • Protective Equipment and Safe Work Practices 3:38
  • Decontamination and Medical Surveillance 2:47

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