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Avoiding Noise Hazards

Workers need this important information to recognize and avoid noise hazards. Nearly 50 million Americans have experienced hearing loss from exposure to hazardous sound levels. For tens of thousands of them, this exposure occurred while they were doing their job. OSHA’s Hearing Conservation Standard was created to address this hazard and protect the hearing of employees. Microlearning video topics covered in the course include: information on the mechanics of sound, how the ear works, hazardous noise in the workplace, wearing ear muffs, using ear plugs and canal caps, the importance of regular hearing tests, and more.

Course Segments:

  • The Mechanics of Sound 2:09
  • How the Ear Works 1:42
  • Hazardous Noise in the Workplace 2:45
  • Protective Equipment… Ear Muffs 2:15
  • Protective Equipment… Ear Plugs and Canal Caps 2:01
  • Hearing Tests 1:50

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