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Basic Office Safety Tips

There are real hazards in an office environment, even if everything looks safe. Many office employees frequently have the feeling that since they don’t work out on a plant floor safety isn’t important in their jobs. Stop that mindset by using this microlearning series to explain how accidents and injuries in the office account for thousands of hours of lost time and millions of dollars in medical costs. These microlearning videos will inform employees about safety awareness, proper lifting, slips, handling office ergonomics, and more.

Course Segments:

  • Avoiding Falls 2:03
  • Putting Yourself at Risk 2:51
  • Setting Up Your Workstation 1:59
  • Preventing Computer Eyestrain 2:01
  • Using Powered Equipment 2:40
  • Handling Office Supplies 2:28
  • Fire Safety 2:19

Available in English and Spanish

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