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Basics of Driving Safety

Nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths per day. Lead employees to the proper information needed to drive cars, vans and trucks safely with this course. Every year, accidents claim almost 35,000 lives and cause more than two million serious injuries. Fortunately, most accidents can be prevented, and we can make that happen together with a series of engaging microlearning videos. Your employees can avoid trouble on the road if they approach their driving with the right skills, a well-maintained vehicle and a safety-first attitude. This course teaches workers about preparing to drive safely, the fundamentals of safe driving, driving with other vehicles, driving at night and in bad weather, distracted driving and road rage, handling an emergency, and more.

Course Segments:

  • Preparing to Drive Safely 3:41
  • The Fundamentals 3:01
  • Driving with Other Vehicles 3:40
  • Driving at Night and in Bad Weather 2:11
  • Distracted Driving and Road Rage 3:25
  • Handling an Emergency 1:33

Available in English and Spanish

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