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Be Aware – Hazard Recongnition

More than 3 million injuries and illnesses and more than 4,500 deaths occur on the job each year. Employees need information to prevent workplace accidents, and this course provides the tools your company needs. We know this is a top priority for everyone in the workplace, so reduce these numbers. Employers, employees, managers and supervisors can improve safety in their facility by identifying and controlling job hazards before they cause accidents. This process is called hazard recognition. Topics covered: the need for hazard recognition, hazardous conditions and unsafe acts, identifying hazards in advance, real-time hazard recognition, investigating accidents and near misses, and more.

Course Segments:

  • The Need for Hazard Recognition 2:39
  • Hazardous Conditions and Unsafe Acts 3:54
  • Identifying Hazards in Advance 2:51
  • Real-Time Hazard Recognition 3:02
  • Investigating Accidents and Near Misses 2:12

Available in English and Spanish

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