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Compressed Gas Cylinders Course

A rapid loss of pressure can turn a cylinder into a missile powerful enough to break through a wall. Save lives and build safety retention with this compressed gas cylinders course designed to help employees. As you know, compressed gas is used for refrigeration, welding, heating and many other purposes. Discover how compressed gases and the cylinders that contain them can be dangerous and why employees who work with them need to know how to handle them safely. Everyone’s life is at stake, so now is the time to learn the proper safe storage of compressed gas cylinders and save a life through these microlearning videos.

Course Segments:

  • Types of Gases and Their Cylinders 3:13
  • The Hazards of Compressed Gas Cylinders and the Gases They Contain 2:33
  • Storing Compressed Gas Cylinders 1:36
  • Handling Cylinders Safely 3:22
  • Installing Compressed Gas Cylinders 2:52
  • Finding and Dealing with Leaks 2:05

Available in English and Spanish

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