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Conflict Resolution in the Office

Millions of workers feel threatened in the office by other co-workers. Let’s limit the damage employee conflict can cause in the workplace by using this safety compliance course. When difficult situations are dealt with in a calm and unemotional way, compromise and collaboration are possible, but we know it takes a team to communicate and feel free to talk to each other. These safety microlearning courses will help to define and improve understanding of the consequences of conflict and how it can disrupt the workplace. They will teach how resolving workplace conflict is an integral part of everyone’s job, the common causes of workplace conflict, tips for diffusing disagreements before they get out of hand, and how to apply proven conflict-resolution techniques and strategies.

Course Segments:

  • Types of Conflicts 2:24
  • Resolving Conflicts… Part I 3:13
  • Resolving Conflicts… Part II 2:38
  • Confrontations 3:18
  • Consequences of Unresolved Conflict 1:14

Available in English and Spanish

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