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Dealing With Bullies (Employees)

More than 35% of the employees in the U.S. say that they have worked with a bully. Bullying in the workplace needs to stop, and you can help prevent it by providing employees with these tools. Disruptive behavior not only harms workers, but it can also damage the business. Be the problem preventer by using these important workplace skills to protect both employees and the reputation of the business. Each engaging microlearning video discusses bullies and what they do, the effects of workplace bullying, how to handle a workplace bully, other disruptive behavior, defusing disruptive behavior, and more.

Course Segments:

  • Workplace Bullies and What They Do 3:46
  • The Effects of Workplace Bullying 2:30
  • How to Handle a Workplace Bully 3:52
  • Other Disruptive Behavior 1:28
  • Defusing Disruptive Behavior 2:37

Available in English and Spanish

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