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Dealing With Bullies (Managers)

Seventy-five percent of workers are affected by bullying in the workplace. Grown-ups who bully and engage in other forms of disruptive behavior on the job can interfere with the functioning of the workplace, disturb and threaten coworkers and even affect their health. Bring this engaging course, designed for managers and supervisors, the content they need to operate at the top of their game. Use these life-saving topics: bullying and its effects, other types of disruptive behavior, coaching your department about bullying and disruption, handling a report of bullying or other disruption, informal responses and awareness intervention, additional levels of intervention, and more.

Course Segments:

  • Bullying and Its Effects 3:17
  • Other Disruptive Behavior 2:05
  • “Coaching” Your Department About Bullying and Disruption 2:55
  • Handling a Report of Bullying or Other Disruption 1:46
  • “Informal Responses” and “Awareness Intervention” 2:49
  • Conducting an Investigation 3:43

Available in English and Spanish

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