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Dealing with the Media

Your company cannot let the media tell the story of emergencies on the job site. Use this microlearning course to make sure your company is prepared when the media is involved. There are OSHA regulations for these situations, which means there are varying requirements for employee training, depending on an employee’s specific level of involvement with hazardous materials. This microlearning course provides employees with the information they need to understand the major areas covered by the regulation, and it instructs employees on the proper ways of interacting with the media during an emergency. Topics covered: establishing a relationship with the media before a crisis occurs, the duties and responsibilities of the Public Information Officer (PIO), early response to the media during an incident, ensuring the safety of the media, unauthorized communication with the media, the consequences of rumors and misinformation, and more.

Course Segments:

  • Media Strategy and the Public Information Center 2:29
  • The Public Information Officer in Action 2:51
  • How to Respond to Reporters’ Questions 2:05
  • What Not to Say to the Media 2:03

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