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Don’t Be a Derk: Making Safer Choices

Using humor, this safety series will ensure the safety message is retained longer, saving lives in the process. Bring this safety series to engage employees with valuable on-the-job safety information in a fun, fresh way. Each of these microlearning videos are designed to make learning stick. When employees grumble about using more traditional refresher courses, this series of videos will make everyone happy. Topics include:

Course Segments:

  • Understanding the Risk 3:49
  • Working Outside the Process 4:23
  • Bad Choices – Bad Outcomes 3:44
  • Working Under the Influence 4:48
  • To Work or Not to Work 6:01
  • Brother’s Keeper 3:39
  • Avoiding Assumptions 3:31
  • Good People/Bad Decisions 3:10
  • Mitigating Risk 4:04
  • Creating a Plan 3:05
  • Let’s Review 3:28
  • Supervisor Notes 3:21

Available in English

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