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Chemical interaction leads to thousands of deaths per year. Employees who handle and transport DOT HAZMAT hazardous materials need this microlearning course. The course reviews many topics aimed at making employees more aware of situations in which they may encounter hazardous chemicals, and the nature of the hazards associated with the chemicals. Videos cover such topics as hazardous materials, definitions and classes, hazard communication, hazard indicators, such as labels, shipping papers and placards, where hazardous materials may be encountered, packaging and shipping, transport (trucks, ships, rail, etc.), storage, security issues, and more.

Course Segments:

  • The Hazardous Materials Regulation 2:15
  • Training Requirements 3:02
  • Hazardous Materials in the Workplace 4:25
  • Shipping Papers and the Emergency Response Guidebook 2:50
  • Packing and Loading Hazardous Materials 1:46
  • Shipping and Unloading Hazardous Materials 2:39

Available in English and Spanish

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