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Drug & Alcohol Abuse in Construction Environments (Managers and Supervisors)

Drugs and alcohol can be either a depressant or a stimulant to your employees. Managers in construction need this course to better understand the risks of substance abuse in the workplace. Either way, excessive use can create deep problems in both a person’s personal life and their work life if not properly dealt with. This course will help you decide the best steps to take if you suspect an employee is abusing drugs and/or alcohol. The microlearning videos will cover: how substance abuse can affect a workplace, regulations and laws, creating an alcohol and drug-free workplace, the role of education and training, how to handle substance abuse problems, and more.

Course Segments:

  • How Substance Abuse Can Affect a Workplace 1:53
  • What Substances Are Abused? 1:51
  • Laws You Need to Know About 2:46
  • Creating an Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace 2:02
  • Substance Abuse Education and Testing 2:56
  • Recognizing On-The-Job Substance Abuse 2:48
  • Handling Substance Abuse Situations 1:53

Available in English and Spanish

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