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Drug and Alcohol Abuse (Managers)

Over $200 billion is spent on substance abuse problems annually. We want managers like you saving lives, and this substance abuse problem course is vital in that mission. Substance abuse is a huge, worldwide problem, and managers need the tools to handle it correctly. This informative microlearning course teaches managers how substance abuse can affect a workplace, the laws and regulations related to substance abuse, the role of education and testing in preventing substance abuse, recognizing on-the-job substance abuse, and more.

Course Segments:

  • How Substance Abuse Can Affect a Workplace 1:55
  • What Substances Are Abused? 1:53
  • Laws You Need to Know About 2:47
  • Creating a Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace 2:17
  • Substance Abuse Education and Training 2:48
  • Recognizing On-The-Job Substance Abuse 2:50
  • Handling Substance Abuse Situations 1:54

Available in English and Spanish

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