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Fatigue: The Workplace Killer

Effects of work fatigue can include slower response time, more errors and decreased mental ability. Many employees are tired at work and fatigue can occur in all industries, but numerous studies have focused on its effects on workers designated to rotating shifts, health care workers and industry drivers. Save lives,  increase productivity and fight fatigue by using this microlearning course to understand the causes of fatigue, symptoms of exhaustion, the hazards associated with it, how to reduce work fatigue and the link between workplace productivity and diet and exercise.


  • What Is Fatigue… and What Causes It? 2:14
  • The Hazards of Fatigue 1:51
  • Reducing Fatigue in the Workplace 2:07
  • How “Sleep Hygiene” Can Help 1:56
  • Healthy Diet and Exercise 2:20


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