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Forklift/Powered Industrial Vehicle Safety

Prepare the road ahead for workers who use forklift/powered industrial trucks on the job. Forklifts and other powered industrial trucks are rugged, powerful tools that help workers perform materials handling tasks quickly and efficiently. Safety is key for these powerful vehicles, and each microlearning video will help with your safety efficiency training. Topics covered: OSHA training requirements, types of powered industrial trucks, inspection and maintenance, safe operating procedures, lifting a load with a forklift, a forklift’s stability and handling, and more.

Course Segments:

  • OSHA Training Requirements 1:13
  • Types of Powered Industrial Trucks 2:15
  • Inspection and Maintenance 4:49
  • Safe Operating Procedures 1:54
  • Operating Conditions 2:39
  • Lifting a Load With a Forklift 2:30
  • A Forklift’s Stability and Handling 3:18
  • Driving Forklifts Safely 3:27

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