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Forklift Safety Guidelines

Thousands of forklift drivers are injured each year, and 42% are due to a tipping vehicle. Use this Forklift Safety Guidelines course to introduce employees to the forklifts they’ll be using. This microlearning-based course explains the forklift’s capabilities and limitations and shows employees how to operate and maintain it properly. Topics covered: what makes forklifts different, driving a forklift safely, using the mast and forks, operating safely in the workplace, inspecting a forklift, refueling and recharging safely, and more.

Course Segments:

  • What Makes Forklifts “Different” 2:45
  • Driving a Forklift Safely 3:29
  • Using the Mast and Forks 4:01
  • Operating Safely in the Workplace 3:47
  • Inspecting a Forklift 2:01
  • Refueling and Recharging Safely 3:18

Available in English and Spanish

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