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Hand & Power Tool Safety in Construction

Reduce tool accidents with this proven course showing your employees how to apply good general safety rules. Bring life-saving information that will protect hands, fingers, and other body parts that are directly affected by power tools. Each microlearning video reviews the various hazards that are associated with the specific types of tools. Topics covered: matching the tool to the job, the importance of state of mind, personal protective equipment, good safety practices, tool care and maintenance, and more.

Course Segments:

  • Tool Hazards 1:24
  • Tool Maintenance 2:45
  • Inspecting Power Tools 1:31
  • Protecting Yourself and Others from Hazards 1:59
  • Personal Protective Equipment 2:51
  • Choosing Tools That Fit You and the Job 2:00
  • Using Electric Power Tools Safely 1:56
  • Preventing Kickbacks 1:49

Available in English and Spanish

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