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Handle Materials the Right Way

Every year, thousands of workers are killed or injured while moving, stacking and storing materials. These accidents don’t have to happen in your workplace. Material handling is emphasized in this course, so employees can get where they’re needed, on time and intact. Use this latest microlearning video course to discuss the hazards and best practices that employees are likely to encounter handling materials. Each microlearning video will cover topics such as preparing yourself to work safely, understanding ergonomics, safe lifting…step-by-step, hand trucks and dollies, platform trucks, carts, pallet jacks, forklift safety, and more.

Course Segments:

  • Preparing Yourself to Work Safely 1:54
  • Understanding Ergonomics 2:16
  • Safe Lifting… Step-by-Step 2:53
  • Hand Trucks and Dollies 2:36
  • Platform Trucks, Carts and Pallet Jacks 1:58
  • Forklift Safety 2:46

Available in English and Spanish

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