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HAZWOPER Personal Protective Equipment Protocols

Chemical protective clothing has regulations every employee needs to know. Give employees the tools to make sure facilities comply with OSHA’s HAZWOPER regulations. Each microlearning video in this course instructs your employees on the appropriate use of personal protective equipment (such as chemical protective clothing), as well as how to remove contaminants that accumulate on clothing and equipment. Hazardous materials and waste are part of many work situations, and they can be found on many types of job sites. Life saving topics covered: proper usage of respirators, different levels of PPE, and more.

Course Segments:

  • Positive Pressure Respirators 2:32
  • Levels A and B PPE 2:20
  • Level C PPE 2:01
  • Level D PPE 1:22
  • Heat Stress 3:00
  • Other Potential Problems with PPE 2:08

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