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HAZWOPER Respiratory Protection

Defending against respiratory hazards creates a safe workplace. This course keeps employees in the know. These microlearning videos cover the basics, as well as going over terminology and safety standards that needs to be retained. This life-saving information is valuable for both the onboarding employee as well as the seasoned veteran. Remind employees how respirators need to be maintained, the limitations at hand, and how to deal with “seal” problems.

Course Segments:

  • Defending Against Respiratory Hazards 1:05
  • Air-Filtering Respirators 2:40
  • Filter Efficiency 4:33
  • Supplied-Air Respirators 1:11
  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus 3:39
  • SCBA Limitations 1:44
  • Fitting a Respirator 1:22
  • Fit-Testing 2:05
  • Potential Respirator “Seal” Problems 1:08
  • Cleaning and Maintenance 1:16

Available in English and Spanish

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