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Health Hazards

Communication and lead exposure hazards on construction sites are reviewed in this OSHA refresher course.

Chemicals are found everywhere on the construction site, causing issues often unrealized until it’s too late. These microlearning videos were created specifically to assist your construction workers of all types in complying with federal, state and municipal hazard communication regulations. The course addresses the major education and training requirements in these chemical hazard laws. Topics covered: container labels, toxins, corrosives and irritants, flammables, combustibles and gases, carcinogens and radiation, exposure situations, personal protective equipment and chemical storage, and spills and cleanup.

  • Safety Data Sheets, Container Labels and the Written HAZCOM Program 3:40
  • Toxins, Corrosives and Irritants 2:00
  • Flammables, Combustibles and Gases 2:02
  • Carcinogens and Radiation 2:17
  • Exposure Situations 3:36
  • Personal Protective Equipment and Storage 2:00
  • Spills and Cleanup 1:37

Taken in large enough doses, lead can kill you in a matter of days. Address proper employee training required by OSHA regulations dealing with lead exposure in this course. These microlearning videos were created specifically for OSHA’s Lead Standard (both the General Industrial Standard as well as the Interim Final Rule for Construction). The course is designed for your employees in construction environments where lead and lead-based materials are found. The online course includes information on contents of the standard, measurement concepts to include Permissible Exposure Limits (PEL), Time Weighted Average (TWA), action levels, exposure assessment and monitoring, methods of compliance, hygiene and housekeeping, medical surveillance, and more.

  • The Health Effects of Lead Exposure 2:00
  • The OSHA Lead Standard and Compliance Programs 2:59
  • Risk Assessment and Monitoring 4:40
  • PPE and Respiratory Protection 2:00
  • Housekeeping and Decontamination 3:27
  • Medical Surveillance and Removal 2:52

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