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High Above – Aerial Lifts on Construction Sites

Falls, electrocutions, collapses and tip-overs are the leading dangers associated with aerial lifts. Use this microlearning course to review different types of aerial lifts and the hazards associated with them. Whether your employees are using a lift or working around one, this information is for everyone?s safety. Topics covered: the types of aerial lifts and the training required to operate them, hazards associated with using aerial lifts, setting up, operating and moving an aerial lift, working on the ground near an aerial lift, and more.

Course Segments:

  • Types of Lifts and Required Training 2:36
  • Hazards Associated with Aerial Lifts 2:46
  • Inspecting an Aerial Lift 2:13
  • Preparing to Use a Lift 1:07
  • Operating an Aerial Lift 2:33
  • Completing Your Work with a Lift 0:58
  • Working on the Ground Near an Aerial Lift 0:52
  • Moving an Aerial Lift 0:50

Available in English and Spanish

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