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Injury and Illness Prevention Programs (I2P2)

Better understand how the I2P2 approach to workplace safety works. You understand the process begins when a company decides to strengthen its safety culture by adopting an Injury and Illness Prevention Program, known within OSHA as I2P2. So make that happen with this course. Microlearning videos include topics like what I2P2 is, management responsibilities and employees’ participation, hazard identification and assessment, hazard prevention and control, education and training, program evaluation and improvement, and more.

Course Segments:

  • What is I2P2? 2:34
  • Management Responsibilities and Employee Participation 2:38
  • Hazard Identification and Assessment 2:41
  • Hazard Prevention and Control 3:14
  • Education and Training 2:06
  • Program Evaluation and Improvement 2:13

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