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Laboratory Safety 101

A laboratory can be a dangerous place, and with the daily pressures to get things done, employees can be tempted to take shortcuts and ignore safety precautions. New employees and seasoned veterans will review the importance of safety in the laboratory in this course. With the increasing complexity of the equipment and procedures involved in experiments, your employees need an even greater knowledge of safety practices and procedures than they may have had in the past. Microlearning topics covered include: OSHA regulations, GHS Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), planning safe experiments, personal protective equipment, ventilation controls, chemical storage, accidents and emergencies, waste disposal, and more.

Course Segments:

  • Personal Protective Equipment 2:30
  • Safety Procedures 0:50
  • Lab Hoods 1:13
  • Chemical Storage and Labeling 1:55
  • Cleanup, Disposal and Emergency Procedures 1:45

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