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Lead Exposure Safety Basics

Employees can be exposed to lead in numerous unrealized worksites. Understand lead hazards and safety regulations and how to address them in this microlearning course. Dangerous environments include: sanding and stripping lead-based paint, welding or cutting painted metal, repairing and servicing automobile brakes, manufacturing ceramics or electronics, smelting or casting metals and performing numerous other tasks. Topics covered: information on the health effects of lead exposure, the OSHA Lead Standards for General Industry, compliance programs, risk assessment and monitoring, PPE and respiratory protection, housekeeping and decontamination, medical surveillance and removal, and more.

Course Segments:

  • The Health Effects of Lead Exposure 1:52
  • The OSHA Lead Standard and Compliance Programs 3:02
  • Risk Assessment and Monitoring 2:41
  • PPE and Respiratory Protection 2:00
  • Housekeeping and Decontamination 3:20
  • Medical Surveillance and Removal 2:50

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