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Learning Laboratory Safety Techniques

Most work stations are messy and need to be organized. Workers need to set up work areas correctly, and this laboratory ergonomics course teaches just that. Minimize the strain of using laboratory equipment, tools and instruments by creating a safer workplace that saves money, time, and lives. Microlearning topics covered: parts of the body most susceptible to ergonomic problems, arranging work areas to minimize stress and strain, working from neutral positions, most and least stressful types of body movements, proper lifting techniques, and effective stretching exercises.

Course Segments:

  • Customizing Your Work Area 1:37
  • Maintaining Neutral Positions 1:26
  • Protecting Yourself from Ergonomic Injury 1:43
  • Avoiding Eyestrain 0:56
  • Avoiding Back and Neck Strain 2:06
  • Proper Lifting Techniques 1:45

Available in English and Spanish

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