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Managing Safety and Health

Stay safe with this OSHA refresher course on first aid, safe lifting, and preventing sexual harassment.

Even minor injuries on the job can affect an employee’s work performance. Use this course so employees are refreshed in basic first aid procedures to limit injuries and prevent death. In most facilities, not a day goes by without some type of injury occurring. It can be as serious as a chemical burn or as minor as a small cut, but any injury can be painful. Reduce injuries and their aftermath with microlearning video covering emergency response, cuts and bleeding, muscle pulls and sprains, burns, broken bones, shock, AEDs (automated external defibrillators), artificial respiration and CPR, and more.

  • Eye Injuries 1:11
  • Cuts, Blisters and Burns 2:14
  • Strains, Sprains, Breaks, Fractures and Shock 3:13
  • Heat-Related Illnesses 1:17
  • Choking 1:24
  • Heart-Related Emergencies, CPR and AEDs 4:01

Protect your employees’ backs with this retention-building course filled with information employees need to know. When they are lifting and carrying, there are good reasons to consider how they lift and carry things, because there are right ways and wrong ways to do it — and what you don’t know about them can hurt you. Microlearning topics covered: the back’s structure and function, preparing for a lift, the mechanics of safe lifting, planning a “carry,” and more.

  • The Back’s Structure and Function 2:57
  • Preparing for a Lift 4:11
  • The Mechanics of Safe Lifting 2:56
  • Below the Waist Lifting 2:52
  • Planning a “Carry” 1:17

Most employees have heard the term sexual harassment, but they do not know exactly what it means. Let’s stop sexual harassment in the workplace together with this course on what employees need to know. Through these microlearning videos, your employees will learn how to avoid inadvertently sexually harassing someone and review the procedures employees should follow if they feel that they, or a coworker, are being sexually harassed. Topics covered: what constitutes sexual harassment, behaviors to avoid, recognizing victims and harassers, avoiding accidental harassment, and more.

  • Defining Sexual Harassment 2:49
  • Recognizing Victims and Harassers 2:04
  • Behaviors to Avoid 1:50
  • Avoiding Accidental Harassment 2:10
  • How to Handle an Incident 2:16
  • Reporting Sexual Harassment to Management 2:27

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