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OSHA Recordkeeping for Managers Guide

Most recordkeeping is done incorrectly, costing millions of dollars due to incompetence. Managers need to comply with OSHA’s recordkeeping regulations, and this course is your guide. Throughout this series of microlearning videos, managers will be brought up to speed on OSHA’s recordkeeping guidelines to make sure compliance is met. Topics covered: why recordkeeping is important, what recordkeeping is used for, definitions and examples of work-related illnesses and injuries, information managers should understand about an incident situation, recordable incident scenarios, and more.

Course Segments:

  • The Importance of Recordkeeping 2:00
  • Exempt Business 2:43
  • Recordable Incidents 1:35
  • Work-Related Illnesses/Injuries and “New” Cases 3:40
  • The Three Key Recordkeeping Forms 2:21
  • Employee Rights Under OSHA Part 1904 1:37
  • Other Recordkeeping Issues 7:16

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