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Rigging Made Safer

Most crane-related accidents are caused by human error and can be prevented. How a load is attached to a crane can make the difference between a successful lift and an unfortunate accident. A small miscalculation, or a moment of inattention, and tragedy could strike. Once a load falls, not much can be done to stop it, and there is little time for people to move safely out of the way. Rigging is a complex process, and these microlearning videos will guide employees through the best practices.

Course Segments:

  • Preparing to Rig 2:51
  • OSHA Regulations 2:30
  • Inspecting Equipment and Common Hazards 2:30
  • Slings 2:46
  • Attaching Loads 4:27
  • Balancing a Load 2:36
  • Communicating with Crane Operators 1:23
  • Lifting and Moving a Load 3:01

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