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Rigging Safety in Construction

Over 90% of crane-related accidents are caused by human error. Remind employees of basic rigging safety to prevent accidents in construction. This course reminds workers that they are the key to preventing these incidents. By bringing in this course, you will create a safer workplace. Microlearning topics covered: OSHA regulations, balancing, slings, lifting, and so much more.

Course Segments:

  • Preparing to Rig 2:51
  • OSHA Regulations 2:30
  • Inspecting Equipment and Common Hazards 2:30
  • Slings 2:46
  • Attaching Loads 4:28
  • Balancing a Load 2:35
  • Communicating with Crane Operators 1:22
  • Lifting and Moving a Load 3:01

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