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Sexual Harassment Investigations Protocol

Thousands of sexual harassment charges are filed each year. You can use this information on how companies have a legal responsibility to deal with sexual harassment to save money and time. Learn how to examine policies and procedures that should be followed when investigating allegations of sexual harassment and discusses how to interview apparent victims, alleged harassers and potential witnesses. You can save the company time and money by showing microlearning videos covering a company’s legal responsibility regarding sexual harassment, conducting an ethical investigation, beginning the investigation process, documenting harassment allegations, interviewing alleged harassers and witnesses, and more.

Course Segments:

  • Your Company’s Legal Responsibilities 2:12
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment 2:18
  • Conducting an Ethical Investigation 2:35
  • Beginning the Investigation Process 3:32
  • Documenting the Allegations 2:13
  • Interviewing the Alleged Harasser and Witnesses 2:31
  • Evaluating the Facts and Making a Decision 2:43

Available in English and Spanish

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