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Shattered – Handling Laboratory Glassware

Broken glassware causes more laboratory accidents than any other hazard. Start the discussion concerning various types of glassware and the problems it can cause in the laboratory. Some glassware accidents don’t require much more than a bandage, while others can result in a lot of blood and the need for medical attention, and the threat of contamination from the materials in a broken container can also be a serious problem. Each microlearning video you use will address topics like inspecting glassware before use, effects of extreme temperatures and pressures, matching glassware to the experiment, working with glass tubing, using personal protective equipment, storage and handling, washing and cleanup, and more.

Course Segments:

  • General Safety Practices 1:28
  • Handling Glassware 2:05
  • Cutting and Bending Glass Tubing 1:56
  • Glassware and Vacuum Operations 2:08
  • Preventing Glassware-Related Accidents 1:28
  • Cleaning Up Glassware-Related Accidents 1:04

Available in English and Spanish

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