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Simple Steps to Protect the Back

Back safety affects everyone in the workplace, with over 1 million workers impacted. Use this course to emphasize the importance of back care. For many employees, back injuries are something that happens to the other person, yet four out of five people will have some type of back problem during their lives. Prevent sprains and strains with these microlearning videos. Topics covered: how the back works, common types and causes of back injuries, effects of back injuries, injury prevention and safety practices, proper lifting techniques, basic back exercises and, more.

Course Segments:

  • How the Back “Works” 2:06
  • Types of Back Problems 2:06
  • Diseases That Affect the Back 1:39
  • Better Posture for a Healthier Back 2:06
  • Proper Lifting Techniques 3:18
  • Back Care is 24/7 2:41
  • Sleeping Properly 2:20
  • Treating a Bad Back 1:15

Available in English and Spanish

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