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Six Ways to Release Stress

Numerous ergonomic problems in manufacturing jobs occur daily. This course will help keep employees safe. Stress will be relieved soon after watching these microlearning videos, showing employees how to recognize ergonomic problems, the potential adverse effects bad ergonomics can have, and practical solutions employees themselves can use to help deal with ergonomic problems. Throughout the course, employees will be informed on the physiology of the body, parts of the body most affected by ergonomic problems, pragmatic preventative measures, correct use of equipment, exercises and stress release, and more.

Course Segments:

  • What is Ergonomics? 1:27
  • The Human Body 2:05
  • The Hand and Wrist 2:56
  • The Arm and Shoulder 1:49
  • The Back and Neck 2:15
  • Lifting Procedures and Exercise 2:01

Available in English and Spanish

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