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Stay Safe: Site Safety and Health Plan

Healthcare facilities have hundreded of known and unknow hazards lurking everywhere. Use this course on site safety and health plans to help facilities comply with OSHA regulations. This microlearning course summarizes the various aspects of the health plan that is used in a hazardous materials facility or operation, and how the plan helps to protect the health of anyone who regularly works around hazardous materials. Topics covered: plan guidelines, medical surveillance, job hazard analysis, the five levels of training and responsibilities for HAZMAT emergency responders, site evaluation, personal protective equipment, decontamination, and more.

Course Segments:

  • Goal of a Site Safety and Health Plan 2:25
  • Medical Surveillance and Work Practices 2:14
  • Job Safety Analysis 3:15
  • The Five Levels of Responder Training 3:31
  • Responding to a HAZMAT Incident 2:33
  • Site Evaluation and Cleanup 2:20
  • PPE and Decontamination 2:11

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