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Supported Scaffolding Safety

Thousands of workers are falling when they aren’t properly trained in scaffolding safety. Whenever a worker leaves the ground, the risk of an accident occurring increases dramatically. With more than 10,000 scaffold-related injuries reported each year, OSHA has mandated that workers be trained on how to safely erect and use these work platforms. The course assists your employees in understanding the dangers of working with scaffolds, and how these risks can be minimized by knowing the correct ways to erect, maintain and use scaffolding equipment. Topics covered: responsibilities of a scaffold expert, creating a level and stable foundation, platforms and planking, guarding against falling objects, and more.

Course Segments:

  • Climbing Scaffolds 1:21
  • Safe Work Practices 3:35
  • Fall Protection 4:43
  • Preparing for Assembly 2:50
  • Assembling Scaffolding 5:21
  • Planking and Platforms: Part I 1:43
  • Planking and Platforms: Part II 2:34
  • Working Around Power Lines 1:02

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