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Up and Away – Scissor Lifts in Construction

Introduce employees to scissor lifts in this microlearning-based course dealing with construction. Employees will also become aware of the hazards associated with these lifts and gain the information they need to work safely using a scissor lift or working near one. Bring these life-saving topics to the workplace: the types of scissor lifts and the training required to operate them, hazards associated with using scissor lifts, “pre-start” and “worksite” inspections, setting up, operating and moving a scissor lift, working on the ground near a scissor lift, and more.

Course Segments:

  • Types of Lifts and Required Training 1:47
  • Hazards Associated with Scissor Lifts 2:26
  • Inspecting and Preparing to Use a Scissor Lift 2:51
  • Operating a Scissor Lift 1:26
  • Completing Your Work with a Scissor Lift 1:12
  • Working on the Ground Near a Scissor Lift 0:48

Available in English and Spanish

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