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Welding Operations Safety

Flying sparks, toxic fumes, electric shock and high temperatures all make welding a dangerous proposition. Remind employees with this course about welding hazards and how to work safely within welding operations. This microlearning course will make employees more aware of the issues at hand. Topics covered: getting authorization for welding operations, sparking and the risk of fire, guards and protective barriers, hazardous fumes and ventilation, the use of respirators, using personal protective equipment, proper welding safety procedures, and more.

Course Segments:

  • The Potential Hazards of Welding 2:29
  • “Designated Areas”, Work Permits and Confined Spaces 2:43
  • Preventing Fires While Welding 2:34
  • Protecting Against Toxic Fumes 2:32
  • Goggles, Helmets and Hand Shields 2:17
  • Gloves, Clothing and Other Protection 2:13

Available in English and Spanish

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