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When it’s Too Hot to Handle

Here are life-saving tips on how heat stress affects the body while working on construction sites. The steps employees can take to prevent heat stress, and elementary first aid that can be given to a worker who has been affected by a heat-related illness. Each year, thousands of employees suffer the adverse effects of heat stress, and these employees need to know how to recognize and prevent heat stress and other heat-related health problems. Use these microlearning videos that will help employees with situations leading to heat-related illnesses, heat stress, heat exhaustion and heat stroke, how the body reacts to heat, recognizing symptoms of heat stress, preventing heat-related illnesses, first aid, and more.

Course Segments:

  • Heat Stress and the Body’s Cooling System 2:34
  • Other Heat-Related Illnesses 2:38
  • Preparing to Work in Hot Environments 2:35
  • Engineering Controls 1:18
  • Treating Heat-Related Illnesses 1:13

Available in English and Spanish

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