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CEO Gary Alexander Published in EHS Daily Advisor

An article written by IMPROV® Learning’s very own CEO Gary Alexander was published today in EHS Daily Advisor’s Fall/Winter issue of Safety Decisions Magazine , page 22. Here is a sneak peek:

I read a lot about safety training, but I try not to do it before bed. That’s because many ideas out there are stimulating enough to keep me up, sparking late-night thoughts about ways to help safety professionals reduce incidents through focused, memorable training.

Let’s take a look at two great examples of diversity and creativity in today’s training. One is by my company, IMPROV® Learning, developer of retention-based training systems, and the second features an innovative solution for reducing injuries at a shipbuilding facility.

IMPROV®Learning: Keep It Short and Make It Stick

Twenty-five years ago, we asked a question: How do you hold the attention of a classroom of adult learners for 6 hours while training on a dry topic?

To answer that question, I turned to creators of The Improv, the world-famous club and producer of the TV show Evening at the IMPROV®, who are masters of the art of keeping audiences engaged. My team and I learned a great deal and built a highly successful driving-safety business acclaimed by industry, government, and military users.

Three million students and a quarter-century later, we asked a second question: How do you ensure that trainees are not only paying attention but also that the material you present is retained and can be applied?

The answer to this question is RecallBOOST™, a science-based delivery mechanism that promotes memory and mastery of microlearning content by timed reinforcement of key points over time. According to a formula known as the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, most adult learners forget more than 90%of content that’s presented just once within 30 days. RecallBOOST™ interval reinforcement repeats critical information at recurring intervals to boost recall and retention.

Training + Retention = Competency

The IMPROV® Learning system is rooted in three big ideas:

1. Microlearning is the most effective antidote to short attention spans in today’s adult learners.

2. Targeted, technology-driven reinforcement is proven to help employees remember safety-critical material and achieve competency in its application.

3. Content must be enjoyable and reminded to learners in order to create long-term retention.

Our course library contains more than 1,000 topics presented in bitesized, device-enabled units. The content does not seek to replace annual Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and site-based required training. Rather, it serves as an easy-to-consume, easy-to-track supplement to increase retention on your regular training.

Safety managers customize a curriculum for individuals, teams, and departments. Once a trainee completes a microlearning course, the RecallBOOST™ platform sends a series of timed and targeted e-mails that boost retention by asking questions reflecting the content covered in the segment. This drip approach keeps information in front of the learner for an extended period, creating muscle memory and driving retention.

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