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IMPROV® Learning’s Paul Moomjean to speak at OSHA Conference

IMPROV® Learning is excited to announce that Paul Moomjean, the Manager of Product Development and Content, has been asked to be a guest speaker at the OSHA 2018 Oil & Gas Safety and Health Conference in Houston, Texas on December 4th and 5th.

Paul has been an integral member of the IMPROV® Learning team this past year, developing the safety content catalog and delivery methods to clients and learners ranging from state specific government agencies to Kaiser Permanente. Paul’s speaking session is titled “Creating and Using Microlearning For Workers.”

I have had the privilege to work with numerous government and private sector agencies on delivering different courses through the microlearning philosophy,” Paul said. “I look forward to sharing my expertise in this area of training in Houston with OSHA trainers, instructional designers, and managers looking to create more efficient tools in training their workers.

Paul’s background in education, writing, and marketing has made implementing IMPROV® Learning’s strong belief in microlearning as the catalyst for effective retention-based training rewarding and effective.

“Microlearning is the breaking down of a concept into bite-sized, digestible pieces so the learner isn’t overwhelmed. When a worker is overwhelmed, they just cannot be as effective as they want to be.”

Microlearning is the Key

Stressing that microlearning is inherently the desired method of consuming and retaining information, Paul knows from personal experience how learners feel more competent after being taught with microlearning based strategies.

“As a college professor and marketing director in previous jobs, I learned less is more. That doesn’t mean the worker or student gets less information, but instead receives the key learning principals in smaller doses, creating a more efficient and worthwhile learning experience.”

He points to early educational concepts that get fazed out in adolescence and adulthood as the real proof that microlearning is the best way to engage workers and help them retain information.

It may sound silly, but children programing like Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and Sesame Street have been using this concept back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. They use a two to three-minute segment to teach a learning objective. The human brain is wired this way, but due to time constraints and our fast-paced global workforce we don’t do what’s best for the worker, we do what is cost efficient or easy, and the ones who suffer are the workers who feel overwhelmed in the office and in the field. I want to help steer the training ship back to sanity, so everyone wins in the workplace.”

IMPROV® Learning will be at Booth #4401 at the NSC Congress & Expo in Houston on October 22nd – 24th and Paul would love to talk to you or your organization’s representative about the benefits of microlearning and the microlearning content IMPROV® Learning can provide.

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