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Make Your Training Stick with the RecallBOOST System

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As a safety manager or training specialist, one of the biggest challenges you likely face on the job is not just developing great training content—but developing training content that actually sticks with your employees. Unfortunately, the Ebbinhaus Forgetting Curve has proven time and time again that when learners are first exposed to new information, they’re likely to forget more than 90% of it within 30 days or less. This means that your organization could be wasting precious time and money on training that’s not really making a difference.

If you want to maximize learning retention, “traditional” forms of training like classroom lectures and seminars may not be enough. That’s because these traditional methods of training more-or-less involve exposing employees to an onslaught of new information that they realistically won’t get an opportunity to put into practice on-the-job anytime soon—and by the time they do, it’s likely that they won’t remember what they were taught. Would you?

Optimizing your organization’s learning retention begins with rethinking the way you expose employees to new information. With IMPROV® Learning’s new RecallBOOST™ system, repeated and intermittent exposure to training concepts makes it possible to improve overall retention by as much as 600%! Just imagine the difference this could make within your organization.

RecallBOOST™ and Interval Reinforcement: How it Works

Specifically, IMPROV® Learning’s RecallBOOST™ system is based on proven principles of interval reinforcement (also commonly referred to as The Spacing Effect), which essentially means repeating training information over and over again to “refresh” learners’ memories after a concept has been introduced for the first time. This repeated exposure of information in small doses gives learners an opportunity to revisit their training material frequently and apply it to real-life situations at work.

It can be easier to understand how RecallBOOST™ works by seeing it from a learner’s perspective. Once one of your employees completes his or her standard company training, RecallBOOST™ “kicks in” anywhere from a few days to a week later in the form of follow-up retention quizzes, which ask just a few questions based on the original training material. These quizzes can be accessed from any computer, smartphone, tablet, or other capable device (including smart watches!). Employees complete these quick quizzes about once a week for the entire month following the initial training; this repeated exposure to training information helps learners better retain their training by up to 600% when compared to “traditional” exposure alone.

RecallBOOST™ also utilizes proven concepts of gamification to maximize learning outputs. Through the use of points, badges, and achievements, learners will feel motivated and excited about their training. Imagine that!

Organizations love RecallBOOST™ not only because it’s effective, but because it doesn’t require much in the way of additional training hours and resources. In fact, the follow-up quizzes sent through the RecallBOOST™ system typically take just a few minutes of a learner’s time to complete. Meanwhile, RecallBOOST™ makes it easy for safety managers and training specialists to track employee retention individually or on a larger scale. With each quiz that is sent out and completed, you’ll have access to in-depth reporting that helps you see first-hand how well certain training concepts are being understood and which may require a little more time and focus in your next training session.

Through the RecallBOOST™ system, you and your employees will also have access to more than 1,000 microlearning video segments that are organized into relevant curriculums; this includes courses on any number of employee health and safety topics.

Could Your Organization Benefit from RecallBOOST™?

There are many ways in which the increased learning retention attained through RecallBOOST™ could benefit your organization. For starters, this system could help to substantially reduce your overall training costs. As you already know, setting large chunks of time aside for company training is expensive. Because RecallBOOST™’s follow-up quizzes take just a few minutes of your employees’ time, they can typically be completed seamlessly on the job without the need to formally set aside any additional training time. Combine this with the increased retention of information and your organization could also benefit from an optimized return on investment when it comes to safety training.

Another way in which RecallBOOST™ could save your organization money is by reducing employee turnover. You see, when workers receive the proper training they need to confidently and safely perform their jobs, they’re more likely to be content with their jobs and less likely to seek employment elsewhere. This, in turn, could reduce your rate of employee turnover and thus save you the money that comes along with recruiting and onboarding new workers.

Above all else, however, RecallBOOST™ is designed to foster a safer environment for your workers. When your employees are remembering what they’re exposed to in training and putting it into practice in their everyday lives, they’re less likely to cause workplace injuries and accidents. This can boost your workers’ morale and on-the-job happiness while also saving your organization the substantial costs that can come along with a workplace incident.

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It can be helpful to think of IMPROV® Learning’s RecallBOOST™ as a thoughtful “refresher” on your organization’s training. By exposing learners to important training concepts and information repeatedly and over the course of several weeks, employees are more likely to remember what they’ve learned and even put it into practice on-the-job. The more this information is repeated and practiced, the more it becomes “second nature.”

RecallBOOST™ also makes your job as a safety manager or training specialist easier by providing you with valuable insights into each employee’s performance on individual follow-up quizzes. From there, you can better determine which employees are grasping the training concepts well and which could use a little more attention. From a broader perspective, the analytics provided by the RecallBOOST™ system make it possible to see which concepts are being best retained by your employees and which might require more focused attention in a separate training session. All of this makes it possible for you to optimize your organization’s safety training ROI and learning retention simultaneously.

RecallBOOST™’s unique system also makes it easy for training administrators to adjust follow-up content and frequency as needed, so you can customize your organization’s training with just a few clicks.

Why waste company time, resources, and money by subjecting your employees to training information that they’re only going to forget within a month’s time? Make the most of your training and optimize outcomes using principles of interval reinforcement through RecallBOOST™. From there, your organization can begin to enjoy benefits such as reduced employee turnover, reduced training costs, and fewer instances of workplace accident or injury.

The best way to see what RecallBOOST™ can do for your organization is to check it out for yourself. You can request a free trial of this innovative system today, or contact the IMPROV® Learning team to find out more about how our unique approach to training can take your organization to the next level.