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New Year. New Safe You.

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It happens every year, especially towards the end of the year. You set goals for the upcoming year and you’re determined to stick to them. The New Year’s holiday presents the perfect time to start over fresh. Whether it be losing weight or being nicer to your coworkers, you can create any type of goal you want. Here’s the thing, though. Unless you are truly concerned about the goals you set, you’re probably not going to stick to them.

Want to learn how to set goals and stick to them? Sure, you do! Keep reading to find out how you can set goals that relate to employee wellness and actually achieve them.

Ponder on Your Goals

Don’t set goals in five minutes. Really take some time and reflect on what you want to achieve throughout the next year. Do you want your employees to see you as a leader that encourages choices that enhance their well-being? If so, you’re going to need to learn how to lead by example. You should already be a pro at this if you are in a management or supervisory position. Do you want to start offering healthy snacks in the office? This goal is going to require you to investigate various food service options. Or perhaps you want to put together a workout program that the employees can attend on a weekly basis. Or maybe you even want to offer them a discounted membership at a local gym. If so, head on down to the local gym and see what types of membership plans they have for large groups.

The point is to take time and reflect on what you want to achieve. If you throw a goal together at the last minute, you’re more than likely not going to stick to it.

Make Goals That Make You Happy

There’s nothing worse than setting a goal only to dread it. If the goal doesn’t bring some type of happiness to your life, then don’t do it. If you truly aren’t concerned about the well-being and health of your employees, it’s probably best to delegate the involved tasks and activities to someone who does care. Or maybe you’re too busy to focus on putting programs together that enhance their well-being. If this is the case, don’t try to overload yourself. You’ll end up becoming stressed and overwhelmed by everything. Simply delegating everything is going to be far better than dreading every day throughout the next year.

Set Measurable Goals

If you can’t measure your goals, how are you ever going to know that you’re achieving them? Therefore, it’s so important to set ones that you can measure. Take for example you set a goal to help your employees achieve a healthy weight. If so, you’re going to need to have everyone weigh themselves at the beginning of the year and then set goals for themselves. Throughout various parts of the year, you’ll need to have them weigh themselves again. In doing this, you can see if the activities and programs that you have designed are contributing to their ability to achieve their desired weight.

Put Your Goals in Writing

Lastly, make sure you write down your safety training goals and put them in a place where you can see them every day. The idea is to put them in a place where you will see them and be reminded of them. The more you are reminded of your goals, the more motivated you will be to achieve them.

The New Year is the perfect time to set goals. Just make sure you’re following the tips above so that you’ll actually stick to them.