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Safety is the New Luxury

According to recent news, the United States Postal Service was cited for various safety hazards by OSHA. The proposed penalties to be enforced are likely to exceed an astonishing $224,500. The initial investigation began after OSHA received complaints relating to unsafe working conditions based out of a post office facility located in Austin, Texas.
After an investigation had been conducted, it was determined that a USPS employee had been injured while operating a powered industrial truck. The accident involved the worker being ejected from the vehicle. The citation issued against USPS was “failing to ensure operators of powered industrial trucks obeyed traffic laws, exposing employees to trip hazards, and failing to label electrical panels and breakers.”

According to law, the USPS will have 15 days to either comply with the penalties or contest the findings. If contested, the USPS will have to present its case to the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission.

The penalties enforced upon the USPS serve as a prime example of how companies can benefit from safety training. Had USPS invested in proper safety training for its workers, it could have avoided the penalties altogether. Even if the training had required a $50,000 investment, this would have been far less expensive than having to pay upward of $224,000 in fines. Most importantly, it would have enhanced the safety of the company’s employees.

The Importance of Investing in Safety Training

Never should you look at safety training as a costly expense. Instead, view it as an investment that can keep your workers safe and help your company stay in compliance with today’s strict laws and OSHA guidelines.

Companies spend billions of dollars every year compensating employees for unsafe work environments. Something as simple as putting down non-slip rugs can remedy many of the safety hazards in workplaces. Safety training will provide extensive education to your employees relating to safety and health hazards. It will reduce workplace accidents and injuries, which can save you an enormous amount of money. You’ll be able to mitigate expensive legal battles while also showing that you care and prioritize the health and safety of your workers.

A work injury impacts not only the worker, but it also influences your productivity levels. A single accident can shut down production completely, costing you thousands, possibly millions, of dollars for each hour of lost time. For workers, an injury or illness derived from the workplace can lead to:

• Stress
• Loss of life
• Expensive healthcare expenses
• Pain and suffering
• Loss of job
• Loss of income
• Loss of financial well-being

If your company is found at fault for the accident, you will be responsible for compensating the employee for all losses, including those related to health and finances. If your insurance doesn’t cover the necessary compensation, you may find yourself being sued. Ultimately, you may have to shut down your company.

Reasons to Invest in Safety Training

If you’re on the fence about investing in safety training, just remember that the cost of preventing an injury is almost always going to be far less than what it will cost to compensate an employee for a sustained injury. With the right safety training in place, you can attract quality employees and establish your company as a brand that sincerely cares about its workers’ well-being. It’s all about creating a safety culture and it starts with safety training.

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