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What does your company’s current safety training look like? Are employees corralled into a conference room and subjected to hours of drawn-out PowerPoint presentations? Are they required to complete lengthy. boring training modules that sideline their productivity? While nobody would argue the importance of company safety training, the medium through which you deliver your training can have a major effect on your outcomes. And unfortunately, with “traditional” safety training, most learners forget 50% of the information presented to them within an hour—with as much as 90% of that information being lost within 30 days.

What if there was a way to more effectively train employees while also cutting down on training time and reducing costs? With unique microlearning content from IMPROV® Learning, now there is.

What is Microlearning?

Small bites, big impact. These are the concepts our microlearning format has been built around. Specifically, microlearning refers to training modules that are extremely concise (usually between just three and five minutes long). These modules are also characterized by their:

  • ability to meet an exact learning outcome
  • unrivaled accessibility across a variety of devices
  • learner-centric approach

Essentially, microlearning modules can replace the “traditional” training landscape of the past with short, engaging, and useful training that employees will remember.

Why Choose Microlearning for Your Safety Training?

The topics covered in your company safety training are undoubtedly important; when employees fail to fully learn and understand these concepts, lives could be at-risk. Fortunately, microlearning modules are extremely effective in not only communicating concepts to adult learners, but boosting retention and engagement as well.

Improve Retention of Safety Learning Objectives

Retention rates with traditional company training are mediocre at-best, but when your company makes the switch to microlearning, retention of information could increase by 20% or more.

Increase Employee Engagement and Morale

Employees are more engaged and genuinely interested in their training when it’s relatable to them—and when they don’t feel like they’re being forced to sit through hours of content that they don’t find useful. With the concise and tailored nature of microlearning content, employee engagement and morale increase.

Get Employees Back to Work Quickly

How many hours a year do your employees spend in conference rooms undergoing safety training? How much time is spent preparing training PowerPoints and similar materials? All this time is costly. One of the focuses of microlearning is to reduce the amount of time required for your employees to absorb key training takeaways, which in-turn saves your company money.

Enjoy a Return on Your Investment

Companies that make the switch to microlearning for their safety training can enjoy up to a six-fold return on their investment. Specifically, studies have shown that for every $1 invested in workplace injury prevention, returns range between $2 and $6 long-term.

The IMPROV® Learning Difference

Thinking about transforming your company’s safety training with microlearning? If so, then you’ll want to turn to our team at IMPROV® Learning for all your microlearning needs.

Unlimited Library Access

All of our clients enjoy unlimited access to our full library of microlearning courses; these cover hundreds of important topics on health and safety, compliance, and much more. And we’re constantly adding new courses, so your employees can stay on top of changes as they arise. Our library can be easily accessed from any desktop computer or mobile device, allowing your employees to grab the information they need when they need it.

Customized LMS Capabilities

IMPROV® Learning’s state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) also makes it easy for you to assign certain courses to specific groups of employees, departments, or individuals as needed. As courses are completed, you’ll enjoy access to real-time reporting for easy tracking and management of your company safety training.

Content They’ll Care About

With each of our courses, we focus on creating anywhere from 4-10 short training segments that are designed with adult-learning needs in mind. The outcome is IMPROV®ed retention and training objectives that truly stick. Each course also includes a knowledge assessment quiz, the passing requirements of which you can customize to suit your needs. You’ll also have the ability to easily add your own specific content to each course as desired, making it easy to truly customize your company safety training.

For less than the price of a cup of coffee per day, you can completely revitalize and IMPROV®e your company’s safety training and become a hero in the workplace. Let our team at IMPROV® Learning help you save lives with our unique, cost-effective, and result-driven microlearning content.