About Us

Our Mission:
SAVE LIVES with unique training content

Our Vision:
Rethink the ordinary

We never settle for "normal"

At IMPROV® Learning, we never settle for “normal.” Why? Because safe driving is a critical skill. Driver training deserves nothing less than the best scientific minds — because lives are literally at stake. We employ a team of behavioral and educational experts to help craft educational content that is as effective as it is entertaining. Numerous studies have proven — our courses work!

Microlearning + Humor = An Effective Combination

Foundational cognitive psychology research shows that we learn best when lessons are short, spaced out over time, and actively tested. Also, we retain more information when we enjoy learning. These concepts — microlearning and humor — are at the core of IMPROV® Learning. Our learners receive focused information in short bursts, combined with gentle humor, to make the learning stick.

Beyond Drivers Education

At IMPROV® Learning, we believe that understanding how our brain works — and how we form bad habits — is critical to making changes in our behavior that are deep and permanent. We don't just teach "Rules of the Road," we change the way drivers think. We go beyond the course test and teach them how to anticipate dangers and make the right choices. In the process, we make them safer and better drivers.

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