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We believe in thinking differently. We believe in challenging the status quo. We had an idea 25 years ago that changed the driving training industry forever. The notion was simple: the more you enjoy learning, the more you'll remember. Over four million students and several effectiveness studies later, we're proud to say that we were right.

Foundational cognitive psychology research has shown that we learn best when lessons are short, spaced out over time, and actively tested. These are the proven brain-training techniques used to power the SPIDER platform. Learners receive focused, highly-targeted information in short, hard-hitting, and engaging bursts, making the given learning objectives stick.


The S.P.I.D.E.R. Method™ that powers Driver Z courses was developed by the world’s top behavioral and driving experts to give teens and adults a simple set of tools to make safer choices and develop defensive driving skills to avoid collisions. Just like a superhero, you will develop a sixth sense that will allow you to detect danger before it happens. Four studies* conducted by state DMVs show that our students were involved in fewer crashes and got fewer tickets.

What does SPIDER stand for?

  • SScan for potential threats
  • PPredict how those may affect you
  • IIdentify potential solutions
  • DDecide on a course of action
  • EExecute your plan to avoid danger
  • RReflect on your decision

Beyond Drivers Education

At IMPROV® Learning, we believe that understanding how our brain works — and how we form bad habits — is critical to making changes in our behavior that are deep and permanent. We don't just teach "Rules of the Road," we change the way drivers think. We go beyond the course test and teach them how to anticipate dangers and make the right choices. In the process, we make them safer and better drivers.

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