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At the heart of our success is the award-winning Aware Driver Course™ featuring the proprietary S.P.I.D.E.R.™ method(Scan, Predict, Identify, Decide, Execute, Reflect).

Note that we never use the word "ACCIDENT". We feel that accident implies that you are an innocent victim of circumstances. On the contrary, we believe that most vehicle crashes can be avoided if drivers adopt the S.P.I.D.E.R.™ mentality of constantly predicting and avoiding mishaps before they happen.

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Driver Safety Courses

SPIDER™ Fleet Training

Vehicle collisions are one of the leading causes of on-the-job injuries. We help fleet managers reduce collisions and costs by creating a driver-safety-focused culture. This online defensive driving course can be administrated as a stand-alone, or integrated with your telematics solution to trigger just-in-time training.


The CDL Training Courses are expertly structured to cater to individuals aspiring to achieve proficiency in the realm of commercial driving. Recognizing the vast spectrum of commercial vehicles and the specialized skills they demand, our courses cover Class A (in compliance with FMCSA/ELDT standards), Class B, and a dedicated focus on Hazardous Materials (HazMat) transportation.

Emergency Vehicle

The SPIDER Emergency Vehicle Fleet Driver Training Course is designed to ensure drivers of emergency vehicles possess the highest standards of expertise, safety, and responsiveness. Given the unique challenges and responsibilities associated with operating emergency vehicles, this course is tailored to offer in-depth training, combining both theoretical understanding and practical skills required to operate under high-pressure situations.

Vans and Buses

The Van & Bus Fleet Driver Training Program emphasizes the nuances of steering larger vehicles, particularly vans and buses. By recognizing the complexities involved in guiding these vehicles through various environments and conditions, the curriculum builds on foundational knowledge. This approach ensures that drivers are well-prepared to offer services emphasizing safety and efficiency.

SPIDER™ - Teen Drivers Ed

Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of young drivers’ injuries and deaths. Novice drivers are at twice the risk of being involved in a fatal crash. This online course is designed to mitigate the leading causes of crashes by novice drivers. It also meets the requirements of 22 states for new driver education.

SPIDER™ Insurance Partner

This Online Accident Prevention Course is approved by 38 states for state-mandated insurance discounts. This course is specifically designed to offer our insurance partners the flexibility of complying with state mandates while reducing claims and driving customer loyalty. Includes modules addressing effects of aging for drivers who are over 55.

*Classroom option is available in New York State only.

Court Diversion™

IMPROV Learning's Driver Training Court Diversion Program offers an online solution that employs interactive modules and engaging course content to immerse participants in safety-focused education. With a core commitment to reducing the likelihood of repeat infractions, the program underscores the importance of responsible driving.


Running red lights, speeding, and disregarding traffic laws are all common traits of an aggressive driver. This advanced behavioral course focuses on driver behaviors with the goal of eradicating negative attitudes that lead to crashes.

Available online and in-classroom as a train-the-trainer option.


For the past decade, distracted driving has taken U.S roadways by storm and is now one of the leading causes of vehicle crashes. While cell phone use is a leading cause of distraction, distracted driving includes many other actions that can take your attention off the road. This course demonstrates that the human brain is too LAZY to multitask, and that even the smallest distractions can have serious consequences.

Beyond Drivers Ed
(mobile app)

This cutting-edge app solution for teen drivers combines telematic-based driving scores with just-in-time feedback and instruction. Designed for use by teens, parents and insurance carriers, BEYOND DRIVERS ED uses the assigned RiskAwareTM score to monitor the habits of new drivers, providing them with real-time feedback and useful educational modules.

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