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RecallBOOST: Meet The World’s Most Effective Training & Retention System

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When learners are exposed to information just once, they will generally forget more than 90% of that information within 30 days. This phenomenon is known as the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve. Companies need their employees to be reminded of learning on a frequent basis, and they need tools and technologies that allow them to do that.

IMPROV® Learning’s RecallBOOST™ system is based on principles of interval reinforcement which improve learning retention through the repeating and refreshing of information after it’s been initially delivered, and over an extended period of time.

How It Can Improve Information Retention

So, how does RecallBOOST™ work?

The administrator assigns a learning path from our microlearning Course Library of over 1,000 short video segments, organized into curriculums to address desired learning objectives on variety of EHS topics. Upon course completion, RecallBOOST™ follow-ups up with questions that can be delivered to any computer or mobile device (even a smart watch) at set intervals to remind training participants of key takeaways.  The system includes Gamification, proven to  engage and motivate users with achievements, points and badges, based on their training activity. Training administrators can easily adjust RecallBOOST™ for content and frequency, assess knowledge retention over time and customize a learning strategy and assignments using  a multitude of tools and real-time reports. It creates “coachable” moments where managers can identify employees that may need additional training or are ready to become team safety leads. And it takes just minutes per week!

Why It Works: Basic Principles of Interval Reinforcement

RecallBOOST™ puts the principles of interval reinforcement (commonly referred to as the Spacing Effect) into practice, which improves EHS training retention through the repeating and refreshing of information after it has been delivered for the first time.

Each time employees answer questions based on their existing safety training, they’re forced to think through the material again, thus keeping it fresh in their minds. Because these short recall quizzes are sent repeatedly for several weeks, workers are able to better retain and apply the information than if they were only exposed to it once. These questions can also help employees better apply what they’ve learned in training to real-world scenarios on-the-job.

How Your Organization Can Benefit From Improved Learning Retention

RecallBOOST™ makes it easy for your organization to provide follow-up training for increased learning retention among employees. This, in turn, can:

  • Reduce your organization’s training costs
  • Increase your safety training ROI by up to 600%
  • Improve worker productivity
  • Create a safer workplace and help save lives
  • Reduce employee turnover

Ready to Get Started?

The RecallBOOST system is specifically designed to reinforce lessons learned within existing courses taken, thus heightening memory retention over time. By intermittently sending out thoughtful “refresher” questions after employees have finished a course, employees can retain information for longer. This helps your organization optimize its safety training. We believe that if you’re going to spend your organization’s time and resources on safety training, you may as well do it correctly the first time around!

We’ve already helped more than three million learners with our unique approaches to training, and our offerings have provided organizations like yours with up to a 600% return on their training investments. Contact IMPROV® Learning today!